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Skydiving? Something Even Better/Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump


Skydiving! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright, Alright, I know it sounds so cliché’, but I truly have had on my list of things to do…to skydive…literally jump out of an airplane and free fall.  (Well, that is until the person I have to tandem jump with pulls the cord).

When I turned 30, I felt old and trapped.  I helped with our youth group at church and being around teenagers and turning 30 made me feel like the oldster.  I was no longer the “cool leader”.  Course, not one of the youth told me that.  It was just all this little conversation I had in my head.  But I digress…

I made me a list…not a bucket list…a “Before I turn 35 List”.  I didn’t want to wait until the last minute of my life to realize that I was going to die soon, then hurry and do the things I wanted to do for years and check them off my “BUCKET LIST”.  I’m a horrible procrastinator, so a five-year span was better for me.  On my “Before 35 list” was things like:

1. Get more comfortable on a motorcycle.

2. Ride to Sturgis on my own motorcycle.

3. Go to a big name concert.

4. Skydive

Guess what?  I actually did all of the things on that list, except…Skydive.  My hubby made sure I checked those things off my list.  Two days before I turned 35, I finished all but the one item by going to a Bret Michaels concert while….at….Sturgis!

So…shortly after my 35th birthday, I made a…”Before I turn 40 list”.  I put the skydiving on there along with run/walking a 5k, etc.  Little did I know that God had in store for me a bigger plan and something I would do before 40 that would far surpass anything I could possibly imagine accomplishing….I had another baby!  12 years after my last child, I had a baby!  Can anyone honestly top that?  Who would have thought that this “challenge” in life would ever top skydiving?  Want to know what the biggest adrenaline rush there is?  Getting to see your newborn baby as it exits your own body and getting to touch him for the very first time in his little life.

Skydiving?  Well, it will wait for now and I may not get to do it before I turn 40, but my life has taken a wonderful turn for the better and I have a little guy who is depending on his momma to hold him close and give him the life he needs.  Can’t think of anything that I would want to do more…but, I am working up to that 5k.

Skydiving? Something Even Better/Daily Prompt: Might as Well Jump

Daily Prompt/Journey

Run for the Wall 2011 056

I’m going to let these pictures tell my story…

This is a picture of motorcyclists from Kansas including Legion Riders, Abate, CMA, etc who are welcoming and showing support for those who are riding from Las Angeles, CA to Washington, DC with the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall.  We had the honor of being here…

Run for the Wall 2011 048

Run for the Wall 2011 035

This is a picture of my husband and my father-in-law holding one of the American flags.  My father-in-law is a Vietnam Veteran.  His body was exposed to agent orange in Vietnam and is now paying for it with Parkinson’s Disease.  Midway through this event, he had to quit due to weakness, but he still held his head high!

Run for the Wall 2011 065

Every time one of the motorcyclists would get ready to pass under the bridge, they would honk, stand up, wave to say thank you!

Run for the Wall 2011 067

This picture doesn’t do this justice.  If you can tell, there are hundreds of motorcycles coming down the road…

This is a true journey of bravery, courage, and honor.  One of these days we hope to be doing this with them, but for now we will welcome them by standing and showing our support by flying our American flag!

Run for the Wall 2011 037  Run for the Wall 2011 060

Vietnam Wall

Daily Prompt/Journey with the 2011Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall

Riding to be Free

My first bike

What does it take for you to feel free?  Truly free?  Well…what is freedom anyway?

For me, freedom means contentment.  Freedom means peace…true inner peace.  Freedom is that feeling of being able to breathe without thinking about the “what ifs”.

One of my most treasured pleasures, besides my kids and Billy, is riding a motorcycle.  I started riding at the end of the summer in 2008.  By the following summer in 2009, my husband and I went on my first road trip that was approximately 1800 miles round trip to visit my family.

My first bike was a beautiful cherry red 1992 Kawasaki that my husband rebuilt.  I was so proud of that bike.  She was mine!  She was also very light in the Kansas wind, so needless to say, I got whipped around quite a bit, but I digress.

My second bike was a Harley.  A 1993 Harley Sportster that rode like a bucking bronco.  By the time you rode 20 miles down the road, your hands were bright red and itching like you’d just grabbed a handful of stinging nettle.  But wow, was that a different feeling of raw power…a Harley.  On a Sportster, you ride the bike.  You have to concentrate to control the bike.  It’s hard to explain unless you have ridden before.  This was also the bike I rode those grueling 1800 miles (with some major breaks in between).

My third bike…yes, my third bike, was and is a 2005 Harley Dyna Superglide Custom.  She’s deep red and chromed out and rides down the road like the wind blowing through the trees.  True freedom.  You get on and kick her into high gear and….leave all your worries behind.  Ride into the wind.  Forget your struggles.  Live…and…breathe……Sound cliche?  Well….anyone who owns and actually rides their Harley can tell you that riding is the best therapy you can get.  Wind therapy.  Road therapy.  Not one person can bother you, complain to you, rag on you when you are on your bike…It’s just you, your bike, and God!  If you only knew how often I sang at the top of my lungs “hallelujah’s” to the Lord!

My answer to all of the women, and men, for that matter, who “just need a break” or are headed to a deep, dark depression because of their inability to “just breathe” is ride…ride like the wind.  Everything will still be there when you get back.  The bickering, yelling, arguing, whining, and neverending work will still be there.  Yep.  And I’m so glad, because they are my family and I love them with all of my being.  But sometimes…I just need a break.  A motorcycle break….

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