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Time to Celebrate

My birthday 2011 006

It’s my birthday today…

Now I know that when you get older and have a birthday, you’re suppose to act demure and adult-like and say, ” I don’t need a celebration or presents or special treatment. I have my health”…Oh come on!! If we were honest with ourselves and everyone else, we would tell the truth and say, “I want to be spoiled, pampered, and loved so I have no doubt that my life means something to others!”

Now I know that I have no reason for entitlement. I’m no one special. I am just a mom, wife, and daughter but…for some reason, God still keeps me on this earth AND…this is the day that He put me on this earth, so why can’t we still act like my birth was important?

My mother-in-law and my husband both asked what I wanted to do for my birthday and I nonchalantly said, “I don’t care.” But you know, the truth of the matter is that I want them to think of some way special to celebrate my day. I want them to WANT to do something creative and special without asking me what I want. I love surprises and everyone knows that. I don’t even need an extravagant expensive party. I would truly and honestly be  happy with a get together with family and some friends, a cake, and a chance to play some games.

My ideal birthday day would go as follows:

First I wake up around 8:00 with my husband’s arms wrapped around me because he decided to take the day off for my birthday. Then we spend some alone time drinking coffee out on the deck. My baby boy wakes up and dear hubby informs me that I won’t be changing any diapers for the day. My other two kids wake up and shower me with love and kisses informing me also that they will clean the house and will refrain from arguing and fighting throughout the day. Yay!

After lunch my hubby and I go on a motorcycle ride with me as a passenger this time. I want to feel the wind on my face, the freedom blowing through my hair, and the masculine smell of my husband in front of me.

For supper, since the house is clean, my close friends and family start pouring into our home to celebrate my day.  Since the weather outside is perfect and a wonderful 75 degrees, we play yard games, sit and talk, and enjoy a cake that my kids and hubby made especially for me. My hubby hands me a bowl of peppermint ice cream, which he hates but got just for me because he knows I love it.

After everyone leaves, my hubby puts the kids to bed at the glorious hour of 8:00 so that we can have a couple of hours together before our bedtime. We lay together in each other’s arms while watching an action flick. My hubby stays awake through the entire movie, wakes me up, takes my hand, and ushers me to bed where we sleep a blissful eight hours uninterrupted by any baby screams, skunk smells, or alarming outside noises…

Now…is that too much ask?

Guess what? Real life…that’s what happens. Here’s what really happens on this day of mine:

My hubby goes to work and whispers a sweet happy birthday in my ear (which really happened and I loved it). I wake up abruptly at 6:30 because a fly tries to fly up my nose (which also really happened). I wake up the older kids while trying to feed a screaming little guy. I sit down to watch a little bit of Price is Right while trying to put a squirming boy to sleep. I clean, do laundry, and wash dishes.  After lunch I get my make-up on and head to town to take my now junior high boy to band camp for the evening. We come home, grab some left overs, and sit down to watch television.  My hubby either falls asleep or gets on the computer for the evening.  Around 11:00pm the little guy falls asleep.  The other two will probably be up for a couple of more hours.  I head to bed and crash only to be woke up a couple of hours later by a shrill blood curdling scream from a restless baby.   The next morning I wake up groggy with a day that only promises to be just like the day before.

Pretty special day, huh? Well…at least I have my health…kind of.

Skydiving? Something Even Better/Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump


Skydiving! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright, Alright, I know it sounds so cliché’, but I truly have had on my list of things to do…to skydive…literally jump out of an airplane and free fall.  (Well, that is until the person I have to tandem jump with pulls the cord).

When I turned 30, I felt old and trapped.  I helped with our youth group at church and being around teenagers and turning 30 made me feel like the oldster.  I was no longer the “cool leader”.  Course, not one of the youth told me that.  It was just all this little conversation I had in my head.  But I digress…

I made me a list…not a bucket list…a “Before I turn 35 List”.  I didn’t want to wait until the last minute of my life to realize that I was going to die soon, then hurry and do the things I wanted to do for years and check them off my “BUCKET LIST”.  I’m a horrible procrastinator, so a five-year span was better for me.  On my “Before 35 list” was things like:

1. Get more comfortable on a motorcycle.

2. Ride to Sturgis on my own motorcycle.

3. Go to a big name concert.

4. Skydive

Guess what?  I actually did all of the things on that list, except…Skydive.  My hubby made sure I checked those things off my list.  Two days before I turned 35, I finished all but the one item by going to a Bret Michaels concert while….at….Sturgis!

So…shortly after my 35th birthday, I made a…”Before I turn 40 list”.  I put the skydiving on there along with run/walking a 5k, etc.  Little did I know that God had in store for me a bigger plan and something I would do before 40 that would far surpass anything I could possibly imagine accomplishing….I had another baby!  12 years after my last child, I had a baby!  Can anyone honestly top that?  Who would have thought that this “challenge” in life would ever top skydiving?  Want to know what the biggest adrenaline rush there is?  Getting to see your newborn baby as it exits your own body and getting to touch him for the very first time in his little life.

Skydiving?  Well, it will wait for now and I may not get to do it before I turn 40, but my life has taken a wonderful turn for the better and I have a little guy who is depending on his momma to hold him close and give him the life he needs.  Can’t think of anything that I would want to do more…but, I am working up to that 5k.

Skydiving? Something Even Better/Daily Prompt: Might as Well Jump

God’s provision in a car accident


Have you ever walked away from some sort of tragedy and wondered how in the world you could have possibly survived?  My family and I did just that on Saturday the 15th.  We were in a car accident on interstate traveling at high speeds between 60-70 mph.

Saturday afternoon we were headed home from Wichita after picking up my son, D, and his friend from church camp down near the Oklahoma border.  My teen daughter and my toddler son were with us as well, which meant we had a total of six of us all together.  We had spent the morning shopping and were looking forward to being home and relaxing the rest of the weekend while celebrating Father’s Day with my husband’s family. We hadn’t gotten far down the interstate just outside of Park City when a black SUV pulled from the right shoulder of the road and crossed clear over to the passing lane on the left, right in front of us.  We were in the passing lane passing a semi.  My husband, Billy, slowed down a bit, not knowing what was going on.  The SUV was acting like it didn’t know what it was doing.  I noticed that there was another vehicle, also a SUV but white, in front of the one we were following.  Pretty soon, the SUV in front of us, slowed to about 65 mph.  The semi we just passed went around us on the right side along with other vehicles behind it, which meant we were blocked in.  We drove that way for a couple of minutes waiting for the long line of vehicles on the right of us.  Then, without warning, the black SUV slammed on its brakes!  Billy hit the brakes and it looked like we could stop in time, but then as if in slow motion, Billy yelled, “Hang on!  We’re going to hit them!” I braced myself by putting my hands on the dash in front of me. We hit head on into the back of the SUV…the whole front end of the mini van we were in crumpled up towards us.

I hear screaming and crying from my baby boy.  Fear permeates my body and soul.  I undo my seatbelt and head back to the kids.  My oldest son, D, and daughter were wide-eyed as I asked them if they were okay and if they had noticed if their little brother had been jarred really bad.  They didn’t know.  (I don’t know why I asked.  They were just in the same tragedy I was).  I look over and my son’s friend was doubled over holding his stomach.  Then my daughter starts crying.  D reaches over and holds her just as I burst into tears.  Billy had gotten out and was yelling at the owners of the SUV.  He was worried that his family was hurt.  Pretty soon, several other people show up and as it turns out, the two SUV’s were traveling together full of people.  The white SUV had turned off into one of the emergency vehicle turn offs and the other was trying to follow, but not knowing what the other was doing, had slammed on its brakes to try to make the turn.

I called our Pastor immediately to tell him what was going on.  We had borrowed their vehicle to accommodate the number of us traveling together and we were still in harm’s way.  We needed prayer and I was panicking because we had just totalled a vehicle that wasn’t our own!

It started getting very warm in our vehicle due to the Kansas sun, so I open the side door to let in some fresh air.  The noise from the oncoming traffic was horrific and the smell of the chemicals leaking from the vehicle was nauseating , so I tried to shut the door again, but it wouldn’t close.  The impact bent the frame of the vehicle not allowing the door to reclose.  My husband reaches in, looks everyone over and gets our little guy out of his rear facing car seat.  To think that we were just looking not a couple of hours before for a front facing car seat to replace this one.  Would our baby have been as protected?  Probably not…God knew.  Thank God we didn’t find one we wanted.

I call Billy’s parents to let them know what is going on and ask for more prayer.  The traffic is horrible!  What is going on?  As I’m on the phone, a Highway Patrolman pulls up.  Someone must have called 9-1-1.  The officer starts asking questions and Billy heads toward us telling us that the other driver we hit only had a Mexico driver’s license and didn’t speak English.

After several minutes, I get out of the van and head to the ditch.  I realize my wrist and hand are really hurting.  My kids eventually follow me and we all wait in the ditch.  I feel a little better having everyone out of the van.  We each give our information to the officer just as Billy’s sister and husband show up.  Billy had called them to come pick us up due to the van being totalled.

Long story short, there were races going on, which accounts for the overflow of traffic on interstate.  My son’s friend and I ended up in the emergency room, both had CT scans-mine for my neck and his for his abdominal pain.  I also had X-rays on my wrist.  Everything came out clear.  I only had a sprained wrist.  The SUV owners were cited for the accident and lack of insurance.  The father of the boy we had with us drove three hours to pick us all up and drive us back home.  We got home about 12:30am.

When I had time to think, I realized that God had everything in control, as He always does, but let me share with you some of the things that truly hit me hard:

1. If we had found a new car seat for our son, he would have been forward facing and probably would have been seriously hurt.  Despite the fact he is old enough to be forward facing, he is better off in a rear facing car seat, which we now HAVE to get a new one due to the car accident.  We never felt good about any of the car seats we looked at.  I give glory to God for making us feel at unrest about them.

2.  In most instances like ours, some people end up dead or critically hurt.  Traveling at 60-70 mph and rear ended a vehicle is serious!  How is it possible that we were okay?  Well, only by the grace of my God, did we walk away unscathed.

3.  A lot of times, my older son, D, insists that he doesn’t need his seat belt, so he will sneakily not put it on or will pretend he does for our benefit then will ride unbuckled.  On this day, he actually had his on.  

4.  Before we asked to borrow our Pastor’s vehicle, we thought about either my husband or I riding our motorcycle to accommodate for the lack of enough space in our vehicle.  If we had decided on doing this, and had the same accident, the one riding the motorcycle would have been instantly dead.

There were so many other things that I could tell about God’s power and total control in this situation, but right now I still sit in shock.  Why though do we always act surprised when God shows his faithfulness?


Sunburns and Fingerprints


Yesterday was my son’s play day at school.  Multiple track and field events are undertaken throughout the course of the day.  My boy, D, thrives in competition, so I was looking forward to getting to see him perform.

Going for an all day event outside in the Kansas heat and sun means that you have to prepare very carefully, especially with a toddler in tow.  So, I brought the necessary sunblock for myself and for the Little Guy, along with snacks, lots of water, Powerades, and a good lunch for all of us.  Before heading out of the car to the track, I slathered on the sunblock on the Little Guy.  Last thing I wanted was to have a sad Little Guy with a sunburn to take care of for days on end.  I decided, against my better judgement, to wait for my own sunblock because I THOUGHT I needed a little color.  Little being the operative word.  We then head out for an eventful day.

My tween age son is a bit small for his age, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in his attitude.  You get what I mean….he’s small but mighty, but I digress.  D chose to compete in the long jump, high jump, 400 run, and for a little excitement, the sack races!  One would think that these events that he chose would be for the tall and lanky, but why stunt the efforts of a little guy? IMG_5117 Well, I am proud to say that D came home with a first in all of his events for his age group, except the high jump which he got second.  Last year D broke the school record of the long jump.  I wish I could remember how far he jumped.  This year he performed just as well.

1:30 soon approached and the activities of the day came to a close.  D and the Little Guy were both tired and somewhat cranky.  Despite my best efforts of making everyone drink the necessary fluids, all of us were in need of hydration and a cool atmosphere, so we eventually headed for home.  While driving home, I felt that all too familiar tingle of an onset of a sunburn.  Oh brother, the excitement of the day made me forget or maybe not want to go back to the car and apply sunblock.  We get home and the red on my shoulders is glaring up at me.  Well, you would think that I would have enough smarts to protect myself for the rest of the day, especially when heading out on a motorcycle ride for a couple of hours…all…by…myself…yes, all by myself…without kids….without a care in the world!  Or so I thought.  I arrived home, picked up my Little Guy, and that’s when I knew that I was in for a world of hurt!  My arms, chest, and feet were screaming at me with a blazing red sunburn!  I head to the bathroom to wipe off the road grime from my ride and access the sunburn damage and that’s when I see it….right smack dab in the middle of my bicep are two very white hand prints in the middle of the scarlet red.  My Little Guy had branded me with his freshly sun-blocked hands before the day had even started!  Oh, I just had to laugh.  I love being a mom and now I have the marks to prove that I am just that…a mom…


Oh the joys…

In my first post, I commented that my hubby had an emergency appendectomy.  Well, it wouldn’t have been an emergency if he would have listened to his own mother…or his wife (that would be me)….but no…he waited, like most men I know.  Anyways, we head to the ER on a warm Sunday morning.  Did I mention he was suppose to preach for our pastor who was on vacation that week?  No?  Yep…he was doing the church service.  Well, that went out the window along with a lot of other things.

We quickly tell our other two kids that we are leaving, load up the little guy, strap him into the car seat, and my hubby…ok, his name is Billy…gets into the driver seat. Yep.  He drives himself to the ER!  After a long hour of driving, we get into the room and as I sit down to await the terrible news, my ornery boy promptly stands on my lap and pushes the CODE BLUE button!  AH!   A great start to an already fabulous day.  Thank the Lord he wasn’t strong enough to push it totally in.  No rushing nurses or doctors this time for a false alarm.

As the day progresses, we get the devastating news that yes, it is his appendix, and yes, he will have surgery.  Stage left…I go to change the little guy in the bathroom only to find that he has pooped clear up his back and neck.  Well, guess what?  Didn’t think to grab that extra pair of clothes “in…case…of…emergency.”  I promptly drive to the local Walmart and purchase clothes, socks, more diapers, and wipes seeing as how I used up what I had to give him a “bath”.  Just imagine the looks I received walking in with a naked baby only wearing his coat and a diaper.  Oh well, if you are a mother, you understand.

Oh the joys…

Try keeping a several month old boy busy while waiting several hours for surgery, recovery, and eventually time in a hospital room.  Needless to say, my other two kids took care of mom the rest of the evening once we arrived home.

My kids. My miracles


I am a mother of three beautiful children.  Each one of them are miracles from God.  I’m not just saying this like any other parent.  They are true miracles.  I wasn’t suppose to have babies.  But, long story short, here they are!  Our oldest, our only daughter, was such a true blessing!  The one that proved that God was sovereign and that He didn’t need man telling Him that something wasn’t possible. Our first son, the middle child, our second miracle, in more ways than one.  Even with an uneventful pregnancy with him, we nearly lost him at birth.  That story is a whole other blog.  Then SEVERAL years later our second son, our go getter!  I’m older and more tired, but God gives me the strength to keep up.  I think…

So, this is what I tell myself on days like this where I just want to tear my hair out and scream.  That my kids are miracles.  Why then, do I feel like giving up sometimes?  Does there need to be a particular reason why?  Just because…I’m tired.

Just one week ago, my dear husband had an emergency appendectomy.  That was the first time in our twenty years of marriage that I have seen him in a hospital bed.  I am the unhealthy one who has pushed the “in sickness and in health” from our marriage vows to it’s ultimate test!  Not my husband!  I was panicked.  What would I do without him?  What would I do if he didn’t make it?  How could I possibly raise our kids without him?  Wow!  What a scare!  But here it is seven days later, and he’s back to work. Yep, already.  He’s strong and determined. And God showed me that He is still in control.

Now what? I guess I sit here and wait for my little guy to wake up and the chase will begin again.

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