moms to motorcycles

Celebrating the little things in life through struggles, hardships, and challenges with God, kids, motorcycles, and everything in between!


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I’m a stay-at-home mom…yes, a mom. A Jesus freak mom. And…I’ve lived quite a life, full of adventures–uphill, downhill, numerous hairpin curves, and dead ends. Life has never allowed me to put it in neutral and coast, let alone, park, but that’s ok because I’m alive! Some days alive just enough to get out of bed, but other days, I’m riding free! Quite literally… in the wind… on my bike.  My Harley.  That’s right. I have my own motorcycle.  Want to know what it feels like to be free?  Ride a Harley Davidson.  Or…watch your baby boy take his first steps across the room.  Choose your pick.  I have both.  Here’s my life.

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  1. Cool! Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I pray we have an adventure together. Many blessing to you, your family and your blog!

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