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My Not-So-Green Thumb


Lush green foliage.  Beautiful red poppies.  Lavender spikes of glory.  Trailing vines with paper-thin blooms.  White ground covers spilling over.  Rock pathways leading to a dream world.  An inviting chair with paint peeling from days of relaxing.  Bright colored pillows adorning said chair.  Wooden beamed foot stool beckoning to sit, put your feet up….relax.  Ahh…the world of a masterful green-thumbed gardener.  Yep…well, that’s not me.  My thumbs…both of them…are black.  I can’t grow a thing.  Well…for some reason the occasional Hens and Chicks…you know, the succulents that need next-to-nothing care.

I have a dream…a dream to be a masterful gardener, horticulturist, a woman of leisure in her immaculate-landscaped garden space.  I have spent dollar after dollar buying plants that should start my flower beds to bloom and reproduce only to have them die within the year…actually within weeks.  I have all of the nifty garden props, i.e:  graniteware buckets, garden fences, rusty tools, old chairs, washtubs, even an old enamel washer, but…do you think that I can pull it all together and make it fit into a beautiful landscape of dreamy proportions?  I WISH!Photo_Video_304654588_medium

I’m a “Pinner”.  You know, those who pin pins from Pinterest.  I have pin after pin of ideas to get my gardens, flower beds, landscape started.  It would seem that when you came to my house, I would have this to-die-for yard where one just wants to cozy up and never leave.  I have an aunt who pins some of the same “pins” as mine, but she can actually visualize them and make them happen.  My brain just stops the moment I walk out my back door, whistling a tune of joy, garden gloves on and pots ready to plant.  I don’t know what happens.  Overwhelming-ness?  Not enough money-ness?

wash-tub-planter-linda-phelpsWell…it’s time for a change!  I will divide and conquer!  Divide those bulbs and conquer that tough Kansas ground!  I will have a place to escape to…a place where the Kansas winds and hot summer days can only think of penetrating….well…maybe…when…I…figure out how to keep a plant alive.


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